Dark Brown

Let’s embrace our grandness!

For me it actually started just a few years ago. In my mid-forties. How wonderful. The grandness inside of me. I think I always knew it was there, but I was too scared to let it out, really feeling and sensing it. Maybe that is what age has done for me – offering courage. Courage to be who I already am though still always on the way to becoming…..and so, everything changes nothing stands still. Just like the sea. 

Look! The big waves clashing against the rocks. In an instant they seem to brake but then go on to find only a new form. I feel so grateful closing my eyes and becoming aware of my breath. Feeling how my chest is expanding. It’s inside of me. The grand ocean full of waves and still water. That place is wide and nothing get stuck. It’s always in the making. Just like you and me.

/Monica 48

Fitness, running, yin yoga and compassion meditation
Walking, dance, silent retreats, writing, and time with my loved ones
I’m a trained anthropologist, journalist and trainer in compassion meditation.