We’re pleased to  present inspirational age positive influencers and ambassadors!

Dorrit Bøilerehauge

I’m a consultant in strategic communication & brand design, a Ph.D, writer, lecturer and author of the book Brand Elegance – on sensory tools and platforms. I have the privilege to share my knowledge in a number of media on digital fashion branding, aesthetics, the sociological perspectives of fashion, and the phenomena we experience in lifestyle and on social media.

I also focus on how age is represented in fashion with my own branding concept, academic analysis and publications (forthcoming). I give talks on all of topics mentioned.

“Variety is the spice of life”

Liv Barfoed

Designer and stylist – in fact I am the first stylist in Denmark. For many years I have styled fashion shows, photos and works with Danish and international fashion magazines, advertising agencies, TV, PR adviser, lecture and blogging on my blog

My heart is passionate about fashion, both haute couture and daily wear – being able to inspire and move boundaries is fantastic! It’s a gift to dress women.

“My passion is fashion” – style never goes out of fashion.


Christina Bølling

My life gets better and more rich with age. I am an editor-in-chief of a Danish Psychology Magazine and a health editor, a writer of non-fiction books on running, how to avoid stress and spirituality. I love to experience nature during long runs, to swim in ice cold water and I enjoy travelling to Nepal, to the Swedish countryside, cross country skiing and chanting my way to inner joy. As a journalist I have a wonderful platform for my curiousity and meeting people all over the world, who are truly passionate and dedicated. I enjoy seeing people +50 taking charge and re-exploring the idea of a full life with beauty both on the outside and within.


“The essential is invisible to the eye”

Elisa Lykke

I am 47 years – and independent PR agent, manager and caster. Mother of 2 girls aged 22 and 14. Have been working in the mediaindustry for more than 25 years. I frequently give open seminars on visibility and PR – and about striving to being a professional owner of my own company. I am energetic, ambitious, a little demanding, alive, goalsetter, loving, emphatic and fun – a LOT of fun…. And I love the smorgasbord that life itself presents. Loads of photo and TV experience.