A statement model agency that wish to make a difference and actively promote the vision of coolness and adulthood. We wish to change the way with which the 45+ of age are viewed in society.

We wish to challenge the traditional view about on how age and beauty combines within the fashion- and advertising industries!

It is often said that “Beauty Is Everywhere!”! A quick glance through the world of media will tell you that this is not always the case: Most of the fashion brands and advertising world are still focused mostly on the young generation of models. This is where we would like to make a difference. As it is there are loads of utterly beautiful and cool people over the age of 45.

 And these are the very people that B.OLD UNITY represents!

Our B.OLD’s are not only beautiful and cool. They also tell their individual story: They lived, they know who they are and they understand their values. They have grey hair, blond hair, dark hair – or no hair. Some have more wrinkles. They are sexy. They have edge. They are adults.

And that’s what makes them exciting!

It’s the right time and place B.OLD Unity. The share of people above the age of 45 is ever growing. And this is also the group that has the largest disposable income. And we wish to identify ourselves with fashion and models that represents these facts: Beautiful individuals that radiates and accepts their own age and that level of adulthood.

Our mission is to reflect exactly this!

The models at B.OLD Unity embrace the very mature coolness, look and edge that is required to influence the visual world within fashion and advertising.

B.OLD Unity are looking forward to working with you on what most of us already know: Adult people are beautiful, wild, gracious, hot – and with lots of power!

I have been fortunate enough to live a privileged free-style life of my own choosing. I have been in international  modelling, in the beauty business, in television – and I now a newly certified therapist. All of this combined has led me to form this vision of B.OLD UNITY – and we are now taking it live.

Our vision of pitching and including adulthood and age into the world of advertising and fashion – with all the experience, coolness and strength is so truly deserves.

I am grateful to everyone joining us on this incredible journey. Thank you to all the B.OLD’s


Bolette Balling